Your Zone Mermaids Toothbrush Holder - Walmart Product Review

 I am super happy with this cute find, from Walmart. It is a Your Zone Mermaids Toothbrush Holder and it doesn't look like a mermaid-themed design, but with the entire set, wastebasket, and soap dispenser it would really decorate a child's bathroom or even just for anyone who loves that fishy scene in their bathroom. I know that the one-pieces I have here are perfect for my toothbrushes even if it doesn't scream mermaid, I think it makes me like it more. The reason being is that it's got fish that fit the theme in my sea lifestyle bathroom accessories and the colors can work with all the different shower curtains and bathroom decorations I have.

Plus, the glittery silver star water is so fun and the fish inside swim all over making toothbrushing time fun! Also, it's not a glass product, but strong plastic. Making this a durable product and easy clean item. So even if kids drop it, no glass all over the bathroom floor. They will be amazed by the fun colors and glitter. Additionally the top has a small handle and the lid does open up, but it also has so many spaced areas for the brushes to fit.

I like that it can fit any brush because it's large holes on each side of the handle, not just small round holes, which can be hard to fit all brushes in. Now that they make all different types. Also, it can fit toothpaste and other items if needed. You don't even need to use it for a toothbrush but anything in the bathroom. It really works.

So this is a product I'm happy to own. It's quite nice and great that Walmart sells it! A store I shop at most for great deals and wonderful products. This is just one of Your Zone brand products. Many more can be found online at walmart.com.


Unique and Beautiful - Framed Drawing of a Rainbow Unicorn

I am a huge fan of Unicorns because I feel like one myself. A unicorn is something that may just be a fantasy creature, but imagine if you were in the world of horses and ponies that all look the same, don't include wings or even just a horn. However, you as the unicorn stand out and are unique, different from the rest, but still formed to be like the same species. 

In addition to what I mentioned above, that is just like what many people feel as if they aren't similarly shaped like an average person, but have their own personality and style, which don't match every trend that others are wearing and could be much more shocking to everyone else. It doesn't matter what it could be, but anybody can be or feel unique and should be happy to be different. 
That is why I feel like I am a unicorn, never being the same as everyone else. I'm unique in appearance, which can make many find me to stand out. I also don't like following rules of matching clothing of different colors and patterns together. However, with all my quirks and differences, I will rather be me, and not the same as everyone else!

So that is what really made me fall in love with the unicorn. A creature that may be fantasy, but really proves that unique can be BEAUTIFUL♥

With a small picture frame and a 3.5inch area to put a picture, I figure I'd just put in a drawn photo. Something for the creature I'm so hooked on, the unicorn.
I did just the neck and head area since it is a tiny frame and will be on the wall with many other creations I've done. This will add to the collection of unicorn decorations in my room.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and always be happy to be you, not someone else♥ 


Happy Mother's Day Gift & DIY

Lately, I've been going through some illness and it's causing me to slow down on my blog as well as many other things. I'm sorry about that! I am trying to keep up and stay crafty. 😁
I know Mother's Day is around the corner and bought my mom a shirt from her favorite band. Plus a nice card to go with it, from Hallmark. I love the awesome designs and detailed cards they provide.

I did a little DIY bag from an old clean tank top. It's a pink and white hearted tank top with many hearts all over it, which I think says Happy Mother's Day right off the bat! It even can be good for Valentine's Day.

I first cut off the straps, even to be about a squarish-rectangle in size. Then, I stitched the cut part all the way across, with the shirt inside out. After all of that, I turned the shirt right side out and started to stitch ribbon with a sharp and thick needle. It allows for a more nice and easy closing top when you go in and out and pull tight to form a bow.

The one little detail is that I also added a card to the bow and bag, attached. I used a pair of hole punchers and made one hole one the top end of the card. Next, I tied the bow and it was completed!

So reused items to create a perfect wrapping and a gift she'll enjoy! 💗

I hope all the moms out there, have a wonderful Mother's Day.👩💗


Knitting and Crocheting All-in-One For Dummies by Pam Allen, Shannon Okey, Tracy L. Barr, Marly Bird, Susan Brittain, Karen Manthey, & Kristi Porter

"I have been given a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion and review"

I have been working with yarn lately, especially due to these harsh times of this horrible virus spreading rapidly. It's just so sad and being stuck inside can leave you with not much to do, while avoiding the public locations with big crowds. However, for me, it means more chances to catch up on my art and read a bit more. Always a great chance to build new skills!

Some may be big on watching TV to pass the time, but I don't mind watching the television as much as I like to read books and doing some type of crafting, which I must get from my mom. She is always working on DIY projects that are sparked by her love for inexpensive buys from the Dollar Tree. Therefore, it's very cheap and always comes out fancy, like she spent more than it took to make. They are just wonderful and creative DIYs that look awesome! Her art and creative side have been passed down to me. Why I always want to be creative and make or do whatever I can.

So enough about my lifestyle, I am really glad to have received a new book that came out this March. This is one that has helped guide me through so much since my knowledge of many yarn crafts is very limited, which I mean knitting and crocheting. Honestly, since my grandma only knows so much from what her mother taught her, I really didn't get too much knowledge on the entire and unique creations that can be done. Plus, what little info I get from online, which can be hard to follow. However, thanks to this 7 in 1 book that includes everything I need to know about crocheting and knitting, I feel well informed!

To me, knitting and crocheting are like the classic way to make what is mass-produced at home in your own style. It's like taking one roll or a few yarns and make something wonderful with either knitting needles or a crochet hook. Now for the book that I can't stop smiling and adore is known as Knitting and Crocheting All-in-One For Dummies, created by so many wonderful authors! This book was put together to help anyone starting or who already knows how to do certain knitting and crocheting techniques, but still don't know the gist of completing or creating new and unique stitches that many people can do while making clothing, gloves, hats, and even toys. 

I know I never knew much about crocheting, just the little my grandma taught me. However, with this book, it goes into full detail to help and improve my knowledge and skills to make some wonderful and beautiful creations I never knew I could ever do!  It is even helping me to knit. That was actually something I taught myself from online videos, so I only really knew how to make and use a few stitches and not much else. I did try in the past to do some creations, but they didn't turn out the way they should have. Therefore, this book gives me another reason I smile from ear to ear! It really has built up my skill level and allowed me to practice and increase my knowledge of knitting and crocheting, all in one book!

The guidance the book gives is in order from supplies, tools and what you need to know about the yarns your using. There are different sections for knitting basics and crocheting basics. From these sections, you can start getting an idea and soon be crafting your own projects and making your own patterns. The next few sections allow you to expand what you already learn and build up those skills. After getting a bit more crafty, you know we will learn some popular and traditional projects to work on and build creations for the entire family and giftable items to people who could use them and would love to own.

I think this is the best book created, especially as it's a dummies guide. That means it's made to be simple for all people of many ages, even if you know how to knit a little or crochet, this will really help improve and possibly make you a Pro that you could even teach your children and grandchildren down the line. 

Finally, this is a book that I'm pleased to have a chance to read! I was excited to get a glance inside once it came in the mail, but when I began reading I was happy to learn the skills I'm being taught and using them to create my own fashionable items. I honestly can't wait to begin some new creations, which after reading this book, I should soon have some projects up and shared on my blog soon.

About the Author:

Pam Allen, Tracy Barr, Marly Bird, Susan Brittain, Karen Manthey, Shannon Okey, and Kristi Porter are an all-star ensemble of knitwear designers, writers, and illustrators.

Book Details:

  • Series: For Dummies
  • Paperback: 652 pages
  • Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (March 4, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1119652936
  • ISBN-13: 978-1119652939
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 1.6 x 9.3 inches

Interested in learning more about knitting and crocheting or maybe you need help starting to knit or crochet?


T-Rex the Large Dinosaur with a Mega Appetite and a New Crocheted Sweater

It's been a bit of time since I've posted and technically, due to illness, I had to take a break. However, I'm trying to get back to crafting and so far I've gone to one craft I love to do since my grandma taught me how too. This would be the craft of Crocheting! 

Yarn balls here and there, many different colors, just love it! I have decided to make my giant and hungry T-Rex a cute sweater like a t-shirt for him. In the color of purple yarn, picked up at the thrift shop. It was very cheap, 50cents and a brand new, set of two. I just used a little of the first yarn to make a wonderful shirt. My own creative pattern, which I tried to write down, but I really just went by eye, and created this with just what I can see that would work best for him. Testing if I can fit it over his head and fit him, which is allowed to put on and take off easily.

So with a few adjustments, I was able to make a nice sweater to fit the body of T-Rex. It went quickly with using Double Crochet stitch and some single crochet stitches were tossed into the shirt as well. I did work from arms down and then added the neck and sleeves to the shirt. It was not too bad, by getting an idea of the measurements and making adjustments for his small arms and large neck. So I finished with T-Rex happy to wear it! 


Tiny World: Sculpting! by Lynnie Popsicle

"I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review"

Have you ever wanted to get your hands into some polymer clay and make a beautiful object to wear on a charm bracelet or use as decor in your home or as a gift? I know I've always been interested, had once bought a bunch of clay and tools and yet, never really understood how to start.  Many books are made for those who know a lot about how to do the craft of clay creations without being a beginner. Not great if you don't know how to start and jumping into something more trickier than it might have felt like it would be. Plus, there are a few books with easy step by step text and photos of the person doing the real detailed steps, giving you better guidance.
Now that's just great and all, and of course, it does help if you find the right book! Also, how about if it works for those little hands, such as your children who may want to get into the craft too, so you can work on it00 together? Well, I'm proud to present a great book I've found to be super cute, filled with easy to follow steps, and includes every little bit of items you need. However, a few items are not included, but no worries! You can find the toothpicks, craft sticks and even dental floss in your homes as well as many other items that this book may need.  

The book I'm talking about is from the Tiny World Series of books and it's Tiny World Sculpting! by Lynnie Popsicle. Oh yes, that is right! It is a series and so there are many more and each all provide such great items to get you started. Now with this book, you have a cute and small book, smaller than many pens in length and only 32 pages long. 

Each page covers everything so you can complete a delicious piece of cake, a birthday cake. It is quite cute and on the cover of the book and the box, you'll get an idea of exactly what you'll be making inside. Let me say, it is adorable and a great beginner project that isn't only worth building those clay working skills of yours, but tasty looking too! I've always loved how beautiful things people can create with clay and now with this cute kit, I can get an idea on how to really use it and work it to form these wonderful creations! 
Inside, when you begin reading through, there is many steps by step images and text to guide the reader, young or old, age doesn't matter because it's great for beginners. It will help you use the included tools and those that you may need to have on hand as well to create the final project. This honestly takes me back to the time of elementary school art class, where I use to work on clay and build beautiful flowers, which I so don't recall how it was done.  So thank heavens for this adorable book, it really brings back the memories and guidance that not only makes it simple but with such clear view images, make me feel like a teacher is guiding me through every step. 

You can go as slow as need too. It's that great to have the ability to take your time and get the steps right before moving on. No need to watch a video or find tips online for each step, while it's clearly viewed throughout the book. I must say that is what makes this kit a pleasure, and of course who doesn't love cake, even if it isn't your birthday!

Finally, the results are marvelous and even though I haven't gotten my hands right into the clay right away, I can just know by viewing the steps and reading through each page, I'll finally be able to create and use polymer clay like a Pro! So would any 10-14-year-old child as well! It's an excellent book and so worth a chance to learn a new skill in crafting with clay.

About the Author:
Lynn Mercoiret is a French artist from Paris currently living in the UK. She started Lynnie Popsicle, her Etsy shop and Instagram page, in 2016. She loves everything cute and kawaii and hopes you enjoy crafting with her.

Book Information:
  • Age Range: 10 - 14 years
  • Grade Level: 5 - 9
  • Series: Tiny World (Book 4)
  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Odd Dot (September 24, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1250203861
  • Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 1.6 x 9.6 inches
Interested in learning more about this wonderful book, or even the others in the collection of Tiny World Titles?
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Tiny World: Felting! by Linda Li-Chee-Ming and Odd Dot

"I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review"

Felting has never been something I've been able to accomplish and always felt to be a bit scary. Maybe not scary just intimidating, with the use of a wool material to form some beautiful creatures. It just doesn't seem like it would be so easy to do or even work with. 
However, this isn't true when you get a good book to guide you and even perfect for children too! The guide book, Tiny World: Felting! by Linda Li-Chee-Ming and Odd Dot is one that not only can help a young child work their way to making an adorable bear and bird, but it can even help produce skills to create even more fun creations out of wool! Once you do one project, it might just hook you in to do more and more. There are so many books on felting, but this one is a great beginner guide for any ages, young as 10-14 or even older, even if your just a newbie like me!

The book is very simply written, only 32 pages long, small and provides everything you need to know to craft a beautiful wool critter, make that two critters! Plus, everything is included and even the one tool that every felter should have, even small hands. The finger protector. This is a long yellow finger size cover, that isn't only larger than a thimble, but long enough to keep your finger and even your child's finger protected from the point of the needle. 
The kit is perfectly set up so you can make this wonderful creation shown on the cover. Additionally, with each step, make sure to keep following the directions perfectly. This way you can make sure it comes out as described in the steps and not have to worry about making a mistake. The information is very detailed and helps you understand how much you need to use and how to use the needle in the felt, so you work with it correctly. Therefore, it's quite hard to make a mistake, but things can happen, so always take your time reading through each step carefully.

Finally, this is a wonderful guide and kit! It has everything you need and even other tips to create a doggy from the bear design and other wonderful ideas that can be made with wool. It's a new skill that can be trained from the use of this wonderful project guide and kit. Truly worth a try if you've ever been craving to work with wool and begin felting!

About the Author:
Linda Li-Chee-Ming is a self-taught needle felting artist and the owner, designer, and maker behind Wild Whimsy Woolies. She lives in Toronto, Canada and holds degrees in zoology and biodiversity & conservation. She picked up needle felting as a hobby to get back to her creative side and to make heartfelt eco-friendly gifts for her family and friends. Linda now runs Wild Whimsy Woolies full-time. She enjoys mixing her passion for wildlife with her art to create cute whimsical animals that put a smile on people’s faces while also showcasing the world’s biodiversity and wildlife conservation issues.

Book Information:
  • Age Range: 10 - 14 years
  • Grade Level: 5 - 9
  • Series: Tiny World (Book 3)
  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Odd Dot (September 24, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1250203854
  • Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 1.6 x 9.7 inches
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Tiny World: Embroidery! by El Patcha and Odd Dot

"I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review"

I've been a huge fan of yarn crafts and threads. However, embroidery is another item that sounds like fun to create and work with! There are so many fun projects out there and like plastic canvas, needlepoint was something I really loved to do!  
So here is a book that not only gives you everything, from the material and book but also the steps to create an adorable cactus as your first design. There are a few additional items, which can be found in your own houses like scissors and glue to put this together, but that is basically nothing hard to find or can be simply bought from the store. Plus, a pencil to help you outline the image you'll be creating on the fabric.

The book that I'm so happy to use and guide me and anyone who wants to begin embroidery from young to old would be the book, Tiny World: Embroidery! by El Patcha and Odd Dot. This is something that a beginner can get there hands-on and have fun creating their very own project. I always found embroidery to be adorable, with all that you can do by using a needle and knowing how to stitch. However, it can be tedious and a problem if there is so many stitches and steps to know and learn to create certain detailed designs. Of course, the material is also important when working with embroidery. 
I think the steps are wonderful and so super easy to follow, plus when you see those eyes that you can create, it's just marvelous! I really think the entire project at the end is just super adorable and when you finally do finish, it's possibly just worth framing! That's just how cute and adorable the cactus really is.

finally, step by step instructions with a close view of each step in the photo makes this book awesome! No age can ever fail with this guide and a perfect beginner's project book for embroidering designs. Plus, with a few other creations you can try, which are placed in the back for copying, you'll be able to make anything you like with thread and fabric. This is something worth trying for you or your children who want to learn a new skill with embroidery.

About the Author:
El Patcha started her embroidery journey in 2015. After a few months of making gifts for friends and family, local shops started to take an interest in her one-of-a-kind patches. She began teaching classes and taking commissioned projects soon after. In a short time, her business has grown to large-scale commission work and machine embroidery. You can find more of her work on Instagram.

Book Information:
  • Age Range: 10 - 14 years
  • Grade Level: 5 - 9
  • Series: Tiny World (Book 1)
  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Odd Dot (September 24, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1250203830
  • Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 1.6 x 9.6 inches
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Tiny World: Pins! by Keith Zoo and Odd Dot

"I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review"

There is nothing more than an adorable pin to wear on your clothing or attach to other items you own and or use. I found that making pins aren't that hard thanks to this cute book by Keith Zoo and Odd Dot. This book is called, Tiny World: Pins! A part of the Tiny World Series. 
This book provides you with the material you need, to craft some wonderful pins that would sure to please your child or even an adult who is learning this new skill. Honestly, once my mom has seen the book and the little doggy on the front cover, which is so so cute! She thought it reminded me of our chihuahua. I so want to make that one and even the rest! Though no worries, each step on drawing the little images are included inside as well as the material to use. All you need to add is a paintbrush, oven, oven mitt, paper, and a spatula. 

Mainly the plastic that is included is a shrinky dink, something my mom used to do when she grew up. She would make such cute things and even made me a Hello Kitty. However, this box provides the materials you need to get you started and allows you to make some fun and adorable creations, which you then can turn into pins.  
At first, you'll have your steps to create each of the three images, similar to a how-to-draw style book form. Each step so you can design the image just like you see it on the front cover. Once you're done, it's time to get to coloring, cutting, heating, and soon attaching the pin piece to the back. It's just that simple and fun! Not only will you have a homemade creation that you can wear, but you did it all yourself and now can take these skills to make any type of pin that you'd like. There are even some other creations included that might be fun to try and make on your own as well. 

You know, this even can help one become a great drawer as well! Then take that creation, like maybe you know how to make a bunny, an apple, pizza, or something else that you love. Well, take the steps you learned from this book and have some fun and create some more pins to keep and giveaway as a gift. I'm sure anyone who loves pins or wants to make something to add to there clothing, would love this book!

Finally, this book is especially for kids who need a weekend project that can be done with parents as well and even those who are beginning to make pins and want to learn how too. No matter the age, everyone will find this just adorable and fun to work with! It's an excellent book and a great set to own!

About the Author:
Keith Zoo is an illustrator living near Boston, Massachusetts. For the past decade, he's been the Lead Artist at FableVision Studios, working on a full range of things, from character design to animation layout, interactives, and design. When he's not there, he loves spending his time drawing monsters, goblins and other silly things. To check out more of Keith's work, head on over to his website.

Book Information:
  • Age Range: 10 - 14 years
  • Grade Level: 5 - 9
  • Series: Tiny World (Book 2)
  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Odd Dot (September 24, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1250203847
  • Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 1.6 x 9.6 inches
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The Complete Beginners Guide to Crochet Everything You Need to Know to Start to Crochet by Sona Books

"I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review"

 Having a passion for so many crafts, well makes my life full of joy! I just can't imagine a day without having a project to work on. It's something I need to keep me going, especially when dealing with depression and a brain that travels to dark places when I have nothing else to do. That is why doing art has the ability to relax and calm me. Make me feel even stronger inside than my depression has defeated me to be, and I always feel so much better about myself, being a more pleasant person in general.

Therefore, I was happy to find a book for, well everyone! This is the newest to be released copy on crocheting, comes out in March this year, 2020. It's by the publisher Sona Books and they create so many crafting style books that could please anyone who loves to be creative and do plenty of DIY. This also includes guides on learning about your favorite categories, like sports, history and even games such as Mario. Note to self, I will need to get my hand on a copy of that!

Now with all the great books coming out and even the ones already out for sale, I have one that I've just been reading fa while since it came in last week. The book is called, The Complete Beginners Guide to Crochet, and right by that title you know it's gonna be something for everyone new or old to crocheting, even those trying to get back into the art after stopping for a while. You really will be impressed by how easy this book makes crocheting, which means your first time reading the book you'll have plenty of cute projects that this book will show you how to make and you'll be gifting or keeping some goodies, handcrafted by yourself for yourself!

The book, let me start off with how nice the hardcover really is. I love hardcover books, it's an A-plus in my love of a type of book, spirals are another fave, but when you get a hardcover that opens with ease and allows you to see each page without holding it down, well that is just perfection! Plus, not to forget to mention the lovely photos inside each page of the book. They are large, very large and easy to see exactly what you're reading and trying to do when performing each task, or in other words, steps to create and crochet a certain object or shape.

The beginning will go over a few things that many don't really realize when they crochet, such as what material to use, as the type of yarn. I know when I began I never took the time to read about the yarn to use or if it really matters. However, with a certain project, let me tell you it does! The small, thick, type of texture and type of yarn can really make for the look of how the final project will appear once done.

When you move on through the book, you go through the types of hooks, a kit bag everything you need, a guide for even left handed people, wonderful addition since they aren't left out in this book, tension and measuring it, and the main steps to performing and starting to crochet! Oh yes, one thing that many of us and myself included don't know how to deal with is how to fix problems. Yes, that is right, problems when crocheting. You might have missed or skipped something and need to fix it, well this book also covers details on how to fix mistakes you might have performed while creating or doing any type of project.

Sometimes, in confession, I'm not perfect and I make mistakes. Therefore, with corchet, if you miss a stitch by accident and not realize it till the end, well it's not a big problem, well not as bad as knitting can be. However, you easily pull it out and the book will show and explain how to repair the problem and continue with your project like nothing bad has ever happened! So don't just throw away that project right away, that is all I got to say, when you can really fix it, thanks to the guidance of this book!

I think for forgetting how to start, how to create a normal chain and work on other stitches, read a pattern, well with written simple steps and helpful images and guidance inside the book makes it a piece of cake! Additionally, It's not a giant book either and is full of beautiful, bold and vibrant images that will give you a clear view of each thing that is being performed from start to finish. You won't get lost, I can tell you that from what I have read and tried already myself. 

I know you already know me for drawing, or maybe you don't, but crocheting is one of my faves and this book has really helped me do more than just make great and figure out some cute little projects todo like create a t-rex, teddybear, shawl and even other clothing pieces that can be perfect for winter or other occassions! Plus the color mixtures from different colored yarns and varieties on the market will make it even more fun to see how many new styles and gifts can be created for all occassions needed and personalized styles!

Finally, this book is not just a small resource guide. It's the complete step by step for beginners of all stages, even those who have been crocheting for awhile and alway forget how to start. This is something for everyone, and I love each step, photos that illustrate each and every step being preformed and the few projects that I can create inside! I'm so ready to get my crochet hooks out and begin stitching up something beautiful for my family! 

About Sona Books:
  • Sona Books is a publisher of high quality non-fiction titles. Sona Books works in partnership with International media companies who provide world class text and photography to create accessible and beautiful books on:
    • How to
    • Craft
    • Family Reference
    • Entertainment

Book Details:
  • Category: Crafts and Hobbies
  • 160 Pages, 8.75 x 10.75
  • Formats: Cloth
  • Cloth, $32.95 (US $32.95) (CA $43.95)
  • Publication Date: March 2020
  • ISBN 9781912918010
  • Rights: US & CA
  • Publisher: Sona Books (Mar 2020)

Interested in The Complete Beginners Guide to Crochet, please check it out at the linke below:
The Complete Beginners Guide to Crochet


A Good Sewing Machines Does Matter!

I never knew there were better things out there, till now! 

This Christmas, I finally got a new machine, one I've never really heard much about. You hear top names like the Singer, which always sounds like a number one choice, then there is Brother, Janome, Bernina, and many others. I never really heard of the one I recently have gotten, Spiegel. It's basically never seen or heard much online as often as many other brands, well where I've ever looked. 

However, to my surprise, this is actually a really, really great sewing machine! My mom got it for me on sale, cheaper than I spent on my Brother years ago, which was the cheapest back than.  The shocker is that this machine is perfect for beginners, which I was shocked that a brand which really was around for a long long time, nothing that has been just made up or came to the sewing world in a year or so. 

This product was made very well, perfect for beginners, and includes simple setup steps for the bobbin and adding the thread through the top. It might have a few more steps than my Brother machine, but it works WAY BETTER!

When I was first choosing a machine. I never knew which would provide me anything I needed to learn to sew, just that I can afford the one at Wal-Mart, which was the cheapest Brother back than. It had plenty of stitches, no length changing or many other special buttons and other things to adjust. However, back at that time, it seems like a great machine. 

I was wrong!

The Spiegel, which I have now has shown me that there are better machines out there! Possibly being one to stick by a brand when I had a Brother sewing machine might have been my thing. Unfortunately, that is no longer true! The machine I am using now is this wonderful Spiegel that makes sewing a piece of cake! It comes with so many stitches, length adjustment and provides you with everything you need to do so much, without buying additional attachments. Of course, I always go ahead and buy additional pieces, like universal feets 72pc set got off Amazon and threads of all colors.

No matter, this device is a wonder! I've sewed up a bag already for a gift and planning on making clothing shortly next. The features are not the only thing that makes the Spiegel my favorite, but there is a cover for it already included fabric cloth. has a handle to lift and carry, and also comes with a compartment that holds everything that it comes with, attachments that were included. The Brother machine had one, but it had this huge gap in which the items would fall right out and won't stay secured inside. Therefore, I never used it to hold anything, it was a waste.

Finally, I never knew that a sewing machine can make a difference by brand and that there are better ones out there! So if you think you are the worse sewer out there, well let me tell you, it's not you! Remember the machine can be the problem, and for me, the machine is why my ends looked horrible and always caused the bobbin to get tangled no matter what I made. Therefore, before you judge yourself and quit sewing, remember it might not be you, but the machine that is causing the final project to turn out either, good or bad!